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DoubleHit Casino - FREE Slots 1.0.1

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Note: This app features casino style games that let you use in-app purchases to win virtual currency.

If you feel like a spin on the reels but don't want to lay out the wager, then DoubleHit Casino - FREE Slots could be just for you. From developers, Zentertain, DoubleHit Casino - FREE Slots contains a vast assortment of pokies and online slots for you to try.

Take your pick from classic casino favourites, or opt for dynamic themed reels with unique prizes and pay lines. There's enormous variety here, with some stunning jackpots available on slots with the highest stakes. If it's your first time playing slots, this casino bundle makes a great introduction to the game, while professional players will love the variety.

Players will receive free spins and coins to use on every slot as soon as they download, with more coins and bonuses available for landing on lucrative lines and triggering mini rounds. Players can also increase their play time by purchasing additional coins from the in-app store. Check back every day for updates, and earn extra coins every time you launch the app. With so much choice, it's hard to know which online slot to start with first, but with new games arriving every week, you can guarantee on never getting bored.

Perfect for learning the mechanics of online games, DoubleHit Casino - FREE Slots is ideal for those who want a proper introduction to the range of slot games out there. Every pokie is a game of chance, but different slots have different rules and bonuses. Trigger multipliers to see your prize total soar, or land on big payout pay lines to scoop serious jackpots.

If you're in the mood for a competition, why not enter a tournament. There's thousands of active players online at any one time, meaning you'll always find someone to play against, wherever you are int he world and whatever the time.

You're bound to find a new favourite in no time, and with hourly bonuses awarded to every player, there's always a chance to spend some time on your favourite stack of reels. Offering all the freedom of play to win for real casino games, you'll have plenty of fun playing the life of a high roller.

DoubleHit Casino - FREE Slots


DoubleHit Casino - FREE Slots 1.0.1

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